So Blessed

I work with incredible people, there’s just no other way to say it.  I mentioned in my last post that my last day on service on the hospital side involved a lunch party.  The staff of 8 West sent me off in style, with a hilarious card, an Amazon gift card and my very own pigacorn. Continue reading “So Blessed”

Selfies? Yeah, No.

I don’t do selfies.  First of all, I’m not that interesting to look at.  Second of all, it’s hard to focus the camera properly when it’s pointed at you.  And finally, I was informed today that it’s downright dangerous to do selfies, as some of my colleagues in CF clinic regaled me with stories of the many ways people have died while taking selfies.  No worries, I’m not going to take any. Continue reading “Selfies? Yeah, No.”

The Seed Is Planted

I did not buy a trailer planning to go to Alaska. It might have been cheaper, had I known. Because within 2 years of buying my Open Range Light 272RLS and Bruce, my F-250, I traded them both in for a new fifth wheel and for Rory, my diesel F-350. Bruce had a gas engine, and he quite frankly struggled going up hills in Kentucky, Tennessee and southern Indiana. It’s not fun pulling a 35 foot trailer up a hill on I-64 with your foot pegged to the floor praying a semi doesn’t run up your rear end as you putt along at 40 mph.

Continue reading “The Seed Is Planted”