Come Along With Me

It’s a bucket list trip: driving my RV to Alaska and back.  So, follow me here on this blog as I drive my truck, Rory, and go on adventures every day!

I’m leaving at the end of May and will be meeting friends in Coeur d’Alene, ID.  I’ll be posting lots of pictures, of course!  And we’ll learn about RVs and why I have a fifth wheel as well.

Log…No, I mean BLOG

Day Forty Seven: Seward to Homer

I was really excited about July 11th.  Homer was one of those places I was eager to visit.  And, my baby sister, her husband and mother in law were due to fly in to Anchorage late on July 10th, catch some zzzs and then drive down to Homer!

Day Forty Six: a Cruise Around Resurrection Bay

A couple of small buses took our group into Seward, where we wandered through a few gift shops while waiting for our boarding time for the Resurrection Bay cruise.  There are quite a few boats moored in Seward, and I spent some of my time wandering the dock and looking at them.


Hi everyone.  I’m Andrea, and I’m a Pediatric Pulmonologist in Indianapolis.  I was born and raised in Washington state–the eastern side most people don’t know about.  I graduated from high school in Spokane and left to go to upstate New York for university, then headed to western Pennsylvania (Go Pens!) for medical school.  In 1996, I started my pediatric residency in Indiana and I’ve been a Hoosier ever since.

My parents owned a trailer; my dad lived in it while building roads in remote areas of eastern Washington, northern Idaho and western Montana.  I have great memories of picking huckleberries and learning to ride a dirtbike while at a campground.  And it wasn’t just trailers: I loved sleeping in tents as well.  One of my favorite vacations was tent camping my way from Spokane to Washington, D.C. with my college friends Mike and Brian.  We had a blast in Yellowstone and many other places along the way.

But, tent camping is not so fun when you’re middle aged.  So, in 2015 I bought my first trailer, pictured above in Charlestown State Park (southern Indiana), and my first Superduty truck, an F-250 I named Bruce.  I’ve been enjoying RVing ever since.  Bruce has been replaced by an F-350, Rory, and I now have a fifth wheel, which is much easier to tow.

Contact Me

Please feel free to send me an email!  I have Verizon, which I’m told has great coverage–for the most part.  However, there are definitely many areas I’ll be in that won’t have cell service or WiFi, so if I don’t answer quickly, please pardon the delay.