Day Four: I miss Michigan

It was time to move on today.  I ended up taking much longer to get going than I should have.  Yesterday was busy, so I slept in til nearly 8.  I needed to dump my tanks and hadn’t refilled the diesel.  There’s a BP near the campground, so I headed there first.  However, they didn’t have diesel at the auto plaza–instead they had diesel only at the truck island. Continue reading “Day Four: I miss Michigan”

Day Three: Playing Tourist

Spent the morning wandering through Seney National Wildlife Refuge.  Michigan was a home for trumpeter swans until they were hunted into extinction for ladies accessories in Europe in the 1800s.  A few from Canada and Alaska were reintroduced in the 1980s and they have succeeded quite well.  A swan was the first bird I saw.  I also saw my first bald eagle of the trip, though I do not have a picture–he was high in a tree quite a distance away.  I saw an eagle and an osprey nest.  I saw all kinds of birds–loons, ducks, finches, etc.  There was a beaver swimming around in one lake–many people know that on July 3, 2013 I was chased by an angry beaver in the Riley Outpatient Parking garage.  #NeverForget. Continue reading “Day Three: Playing Tourist”


Days to the Wolves according to my current favorite band, Nightwish.  Seven days to the poison.  Or at least according to my mom.  Like all mothers, she worries.  It’s a long trip; I will be traveling alone at the beginning and the end.  Personally, I’m more nervous about coming down mountains, as I’ve never done that towing.  But I have faith in Rory. Continue reading “Seven”

So Blessed

I work with incredible people, there’s just no other way to say it.  I mentioned in my last post that my last day on service on the hospital side involved a lunch party.  The staff of 8 West sent me off in style, with a hilarious card, an Amazon gift card and my very own pigacorn. Continue reading “So Blessed”

Selfies? Yeah, No.

I don’t do selfies.  First of all, I’m not that interesting to look at.  Second of all, it’s hard to focus the camera properly when it’s pointed at you.  And finally, I was informed today that it’s downright dangerous to do selfies, as some of my colleagues in CF clinic regaled me with stories of the many ways people have died while taking selfies.  No worries, I’m not going to take any. Continue reading “Selfies? Yeah, No.”