So Blessed

I work with incredible people, there’s just no other way to say it.  I mentioned in my last post that my last day on service on the hospital side involved a lunch party.  The staff of 8 West sent me off in style, with a hilarious card, an Amazon gift card and my very own pigacorn.

The 8 West pod A nurses station. Hi Tammy and Cassie!
It’s pizza party time! The residents were first in line.
Pizza party
My card from 8 West. Hilarious!
LOL. I love them right back!

What is a pigacorn you ask?  Well, it really is supposed to be a unicorn, according to the website of the manufacturer.  It’s sooo soft and cuddly.  We thought the face looked more like a pig than a unicorn, so the term pigacorn took flight.  Here he (she?) is visiting 8 West.

Pigacorn and Maria
Working hard in Dr. Cristea’s place

I also was given a treasure box from my friend Bailey; she did a great job painting it!  And my very own stick figure artwork from Andy, who specializes in the post-it note medium.

I told Bailey I’d put any treasure I found along my trip in this box. She looked at me like I was crazy, then said “it’d have to be very small.” LOL.
Stick figure art by the renowned Andy

So, I was feeling very blessed and full of love, but that feeling was magnified a week ago when I went to what I thought was a small lunch with my fellow pulmonologists.  Last weekend was really the only time we could get together, as the American Thoracic Society’s annual giant conference kicks off this weekend and nearly everyone in our section goes to it.  This year it’s in Dallas.  I decided not to attend due to how tight my timeline would be with my trip launching next Sunday.  Evans, one of my incredible colleagues, arranged that we’d meet at 12:30 on Saturday in Broad Ripple.  He told me that it would be him, his wife and son, maybe my friend Ioana and perhaps DB as well.  If they could get time from the myriad kid soccer games, birthday parties, etc that weekends bring.  Silly me, I totally believed him.

Evans, holding Anuja’s daughter. Who wouldn’t believe this man?

So, as I parked Rory (thank goodness the restaurant had a parking lot–Broad Ripple and Rory often don’t mix well), imagine my surprise as I see our nutritionist, Karen, getting out of a car with her husband, Dave.  And then discovering Evans had reserved the private dining room of the restaurant for the “little” get together.  They totally had me.  And it was amazing!

Small luncheon indeed!


But, they weren’t done!  I’d noticed Evans and Emily pulling their son, Luke, in a cute little wagon and thought nothing more of it.  It looked like a great way to transport a toddler.  Again, I was wrong.  As we all stood talking and discussing ways to avoid getting eaten by bears, Evans pulled the wagon up to me.  It’s a collapsible wagon with canvas sides.  They had all signed it and then filled it with things they think I’ll need on my trip.

I was speechless, which is quite the rarity!

IMG_0032 copy
IMG_0035 copy
Signed by everyone. I love it!

I got snacks galore, a first aid kit, wipes for all kinds of things, Off!, a hot water bottle, Icy Hot (lol), pens and post card stamps, magnetic clips, gift card to Target, ziploc bags, Tums, 2 awesome tumblers, Zombie Dust Beer and Oliver wine (these are from John.  I’m really shocked at the Zombie Dust–he’s loves it so much, I can’t believe he let go of a six pack), a heavy Maglite flashlight, and I’m sure I’ve left something out.  It was simply amazing!

IMG_0041 copy
IMG_0042 copy
Double Wow!

As if that weren’t enough, I met Amanda and Jeff last night for dinner.  She apparently had been working hard on a Cricut project that they presented to me: a drawstring bag that she put a word cloud in the shape of Alaska on!!!

IMG_0045 copy
Isn’t this amazing??? Thanks Amanda and Jeff!

And they filled it with stuff as well!  I’ve now got a bear bell, bear horn, cooling meshes for hiking, a safety whistle, some gear ties (I totally love these) and a Bigfoot air freshener.

IMG_0049 copy
The Bulls want me to be safe!

I don’t think there’s anything I’m going to be lacking for this trip!  But on a serious note, I’m humbled and so thankful for the wonderful people in my life.  You guys are such a blessing.

But, I’m headed out of town today.  I’m meeting my parents, brother and his family in Sikeston, MO.  We’ll have lunch/dinner and then I’ll drive to Evansville.  I plan to finish off the schedule while there, work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Then I drive back to Indy; I have my final clinic on Friday morning then it’s frantic preparation for my take off on Sunday.  Whew, I’m sure this week is going to fly by!


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