A Bad Day RVing: Comes With the Territory

I mentioned yesterday that I had to leave Charlestown and head west to the Evansville area.  Eville doesn’t have a lot of options for camping, but I discovered a county park in Boonville (yes, Boonville) called Scales Lake a few years ago.  It has a campground with pull throughs and back in spots, and full hookups.  It’s a bit of an RV parking lot, as the sites are pretty tight, almost all just gravel with varying degrees of level to them, and in the summer its packed with families enjoying the lake, which has a nice beach and swim area.  I’ve stayed here 4 or 5 times now, and while it’s about 30 minutes from Deaconess, it’s an easy drive and I get to continue camping! Continue reading “A Bad Day RVing: Comes With the Territory”

The Seed Is Planted

I did not buy a trailer planning to go to Alaska. It might have been cheaper, had I known. Because within 2 years of buying my Open Range Light 272RLS and Bruce, my F-250, I traded them both in for a new fifth wheel and for Rory, my diesel F-350. Bruce had a gas engine, and he quite frankly struggled going up hills in Kentucky, Tennessee and southern Indiana. It’s not fun pulling a 35 foot trailer up a hill on I-64 with your foot pegged to the floor praying a semi doesn’t run up your rear end as you putt along at 40 mph.

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Ok, Still Don’t Know What A Fifth Wheel Is?

So, now we know that RVs are not necessarily driven alone, and that trailers are hitched to a vehicle’s bumper.  But what’s a fifth wheel?  Well, it’s towed as well but the hitch for a fifth wheel is located on top of the tow vehicle’s rear axle.  In reality, it’s the same type of hitch many tractor trailers use for coupling to their trailer–just in a bigger version.  The advantage is that the weight and pivot point of the trailer is right over the truck’s axle.  This allows you to tow without trailer sway and allows for heavier and longer trailers. Continue reading “Ok, Still Don’t Know What A Fifth Wheel Is?”