Oh Klahoma

The drive across Arkansas on I-40 was pretty non-eventful. I will say that I think Arkansas takes pretty good care of their interstates. Certainly Rory and I noticed immediately when we crossed into Oklahoma and the road conditions were….not so great.

I spent the night at a KOA in Sallisaw, Ok. I didn’t even unhitch. It was very, very dusty. But no issues for a night on the road. Randy, Mary, Orin, and Linda also were spending the night there. We ended up sitting outside Orin and Linda’s class A watching a college football game and chatting. Willa and I bonded even more with lots more scratches and treats.

It was a pretty short hop for me the next day into Oklahoma City. I had arranged to spend Saturday and Sunday here as I visited OKC briefly years ago on a roadtrip with my youngest sister and we both loved visiting the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. The artwork there was just spectacular. We had also toured the monument built to honor the victims of the OKC bombing, which was incredibly moving. So, I was eager to spend time in OKC again.

The RV park I chose was within the city. There were some pretty mixed reviews online: some glowing, some scathing. The convenience seemed great, so I booked there as well as Jerry and Wendy from Wisconsin, and Joe and Jan (and Penny!). I got there first, and I have to say I loathed my site. It was extremely challenging to get into and I almost couldn’t put out all my slides. It was up against a busy road and the only exit gate for the park was on one side. I will say the people at the park were very nice and what I saw of the main office was done well.

Saturday night we sat around at my site talking for a long time. On Sunday, I got up early and ran to a local grocery for some supplies. The museum didn’t open until noon. I was there before 1pm and spent several hours taking it all in again. It’s really quite an interesting place, and I really loved the art, once again.

Giant photo dump:

One of my favorite artists is Charles Russell, who used light in unique ways in his oil paintings of the West. However, the last time I was at the museum they were featuring contemporary artists who were competing for the Prix de West that year. I fell in love with the art of Dan Mieduch. The museum didn’t have any of his work on display this time (or at least I never found it) but there was a book in the gift shop featuring him with others who’d competed for the past years Prix de West. Here is one of his paintings off of his Facebook page:

After I finished up at the museum, I went back to the rig and got ready for dinner. We were all going to meet Randy, Mary, Orin, and Linda at a restaurant situated on Lake Hefner. It’s a really cool atmosphere. There was live music and it was a beautiful night. There were some issues with the service prior to our getting our table, but we all still enjoyed it. I had shrimp sautéed with asparagus and peppers on top of pesto noodles. It was pretty good, though not very spicy. Still, the view was great:

Lighthouse on Lake Hefner

After dinner it was clean up and ready to get the rig rolling the next morning to Amarillo. I also needed to add Oklahoma to the map.

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