Day Twenty Four: the Icefields Parkway

Up and hitched before 9 am, we headed out on a very long travel day.  We would be driving from Banff to northeast of Jasper, near Hinton, AB.  And we were taking the Icefields Parkway, which National Geographic has named as “One of the World’s Most Spectacular Drives.” Before we got on the Parkway, we stopped at an overlook along TC1.  It boasted a great valley/river view and had a nice exhibit on the wildlife over and under passes that I mentioned yesterday.  As we traveled on, I managed to take a picture of an overpass. Continue reading “Day Twenty Four: the Icefields Parkway”

Day Twenty Three: Free Day

After recovering from my shock and awe at the amazing sights from the bus tour the day before, we had a free day to do whatever we wanted.  I wanted to sleep in, so I did.  Then I got ready and decided to drive back to the Kootenay Valley viewpoint.  We had passed it when traveling from Fairmont to Banff, but couldn’t pull over due to towing our trailers.  It was quite a drive back there–almost two hours, but the views from this place went on forever. Continue reading “Day Twenty Three: Free Day”

Day Twenty: Fort Steele

Jerry and Wendy invited me to go with them to Fort Steele.  We’d passed it on the way to Fairmont.  It’s just over 90 kilometers away, so about an hours drive.  Fort Steele was never a true fort and was actually originally named “Galbraith’s Ferry” after the founder, John Galbraith.  Gold was discovered in the area in the mid 1800s.  Mr. Galbraith operated the only ferry over the Kootenay river for several hundred miles.  As a result, he charged incredibly high prices and became quite wealthy as a result. Continue reading “Day Twenty: Fort Steele”

Day Eighteen: Last Minute Details

I was up early and working on this blog, publishing Day Seventeen just before heading over to the continental breakfast and Trip Log meeting.  Normally we’ll meet in the evening to go over driving directions, but since we’re having dinner together off site, they did it this morning.  It also is a bit like an introduction to the driving info.  There’s a board we all signed and the tailgunner, Harry, will poly it and we’ll hang it in the sign post forest. Continue reading “Day Eighteen: Last Minute Details”