Day Fifteen: Coeur d’Alene

Can you believe that I left Indy 2 weeks ago? Wow.  Time flies, as the saying goes.

I was only mildly frozen overnight.  The space heater made things much better.  Dave and Missy made an absolute delicious breakfast for us.   Brandon continued to work on his weeds, though he nearly got himself killed when he decided it would be hilarious to spray a dollop of Reddi whip into his mother’s hair.

She was NOT amused.  Boys, boys, boys.

Waffles with berry compote, potatoes and peppers , and sausage. Yummy!
Brandon’s weed book.  This was before he took his life into his own hands.

Dave washed the front of the fifth wheel off, so I didn’t look quite so horrible.  He and the boys helped me hook up and Brandon and Missy rode with me to Coeur d’Alene while Jacob drove his dad in Dave’s truck.  It’s just 50 miles from their house to the RV park, so an easy drive.

After unhitching and getting set up, we all drove into downtown Coeur d’Alene for dinner at a local restaurant called Capone’s.  Dave had to work that night, so they needed to get home.  I hugged them all goodbye–I’ll see most of them before I leave, but Brandon’s headed back to his last week of college.  Good luck on finals, buddy.

Back at the RV park, I did a few more chores and then joined the group that is already here for a semi chilly outdoor chat.  I was glad to see everyone and loved hearing some of the stories of issues that they’d faced getting here.  It seems I was the one that took the most northerly route, yet I had record setting heat in Minnesota and really very good weather overall.  Some of the others endured windstorms, hail and snow!  Not so sure I want to travel with some of them, lol.

It was a great night, I fell asleep quickly and was ready to face Monday and the last minute preparation that I still have to do.


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