Day Thirty Six: A Down Day

Still in Dawson City, I literally did nothing of interest for the entire day.  It was productive, don’t get me wrong, but I didn’t tour anything or do anything fun or exciting.

I worked on projects, read and relaxed, and sorted through pictures.  I did some dishes, caught up on laundry and that’s about it.  So, there are no pictures to show you from this day.  However, I would like to introduce some of the dogs on the trip.

There are quite a few dogs travelling with us, and two cats that I know about.  There are big dogs and little dogs.  Almost all are very friendly.  I don’t have pictures of all of them, but here are a sampling.

This is Bailey. He lives with Harry and Linda A., our tailgunners. Bailey is an older gentleman and isn’t always keen to be petted, though he’s not mean about it. He just has more interesting things to do. I suspect he’s actually driving their coach on travel days while Harry and Linda catch some Zzzs, but I can’t prove it…yet.
This is Ivy. She lives with Bob G. and Marshall. She’s a calm little lady, never yipping or getting too excited about anything. She does like treats and back scratches.
And this is Penny, my favorite golden rug. Penny lives with Joe and Jan S., and she is ten years young. She is just so lovable. I sneak her treats as often as possible and she loves to be scratched. She favors the cool ground–who can blame her with all that fur?
This is Josie, and she allows Steve F. and Sharon B. to live with her. She’s incredibly smart, knows all kinds of tricks and will do just about anything for a treat and a pet. Her mom made her name out of rocks, and you can tell she knows how to pose.
This is Sam, a big goofball labradoodle who lives with Roger and Shirley M. He gets sooo excited at every stop when he sees people he knows! He loves to travel, loves treats, and loves his kitty cat brother. He’s just a good doggo.
This is Mikko, who lives with Rob and Riia. She’s quite the fashion plate and loves to wheel around in a stroller through the parks. She’s awfully little; I would want to be pushed in a stroller if I were that small too!
This is Jake. He’s an easy going guy that lives with Charlie and Rae. He also lives with Suzy the cat, so that tells you how chill he is.
This is Roxie. She lives with Steve and Linda S. (VA). Roxie is 15, and Linda tells me she’s not so happy at times as she can’t see well and is hard of hearing. She likes her ears to be scratched though, and since we both have naturally curly hair, I feel a bond with her.
This is Chickory. He also lives with Steve and Linda S. (VA). He and Roxie are across the street neighbors from Mikko back home! He’s getting a treat here from Dave, who is very popular with all the dogs.
TJ the husky, who lives with Lee and Patty. He’s an active guy. He likes to be petted and certainly won’t turn down a treat. He has to be leashed all the time, as Patty says he’s very stubborn and won’t come back to her if he gets loose.

Missing from the lineup are: Abby the cocker spaniel, Cinder the poodle (mix?) and maybe one or two more that I can’t think of right now.  It’s sure fun getting to pet and treat them, but not have to take care of them all the time.


2 Replies to “Day Thirty Six: A Down Day”

  1. Where’s Tracker?!? Need more Tracker! How does he get along with these other critters? Seems like a glorious adventure. Glad you are still safe and seeing beautiful country with what seems like wonderful people.


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