Day Twenty Five: Hinton, Alberta

This was mostly just a housekeeping/down day for most of us.  As you know, I spent hours upon hours in a local Starbucks updating my blog.  You’ve seen the multiple updates.  People might have been willing to do other stuff, but it was cold and raining most of the day–our first real day of not so great weather.  We’ve been really lucky.

One kind of funny thing was where the Starbucks was located.

I only went in the Starbucks. But I saw a dude walking out with a bag from the other store. Hope he’s not driving near me.

I have to say, since the high temp was in the 40s, I was absolutely freezing in that coffee shop.  I later heard an employee remark that she’d turned off the A/C finally–like, why was it on in the first place?????????

After publishing 1500 blog updates (an approximation), I went to the local Walmart.  Or, I thought it was.  There were literally FOUR short aisles of dry goods, a refrigerator section with milk and eggs…and that was it.  No produce, no freezers, no nothing.  I did pick up a few things and checked out.  As I was about to leave, I hear “Andrea.”

I don’t know anybody in Hinton!  But, turning around, there were Bill and Joyce who are on our trip.  They’d gone on a lake cruise, which I thought was brave of them given the weather.

I then went to the local supermarket, called Freson Bros.  While the building looked big from the outside, inside the selection on items I was looking for wasn’t great.  Like literally two different packages of deli turkey.  And, the prices on some things are jaw dropping.

Um, no thanks.

Luckily I stocked up in Coeur d’Alene on cheese, as my brother in law told me that the dairy prices in Canada are stratospheric.

Also, Canadians have some weird tastes.  These doritos were on a huge display.

Now what now?

I cannot imagine those taste good, and I like ketchup.

When I got back, Mo and Sally had arrived!  They’d driven a marathon to catch up to us.  We had a trip log meeting about the next drive and Sally introduced her brainteaser, which if we solve we get a little ticket.  The person with the most at the end gets a prize.

I solved it. Can you?

After some S’mores around the campfire, I ran to the main campground office for some Loonies.  I’d gotten Canadian cash from a Scotiabank ATM while running around that day, but you need Loonies to do laundry.  I took two loads to do; it was a busy place that night.  While sitting there, reading on my Kindle app, I met a young woman who is also traveling to Alaska, but basically alone with her dog.  She’s from south Texas and is pulling a Casita, which is a small, fiberglass travel trailer.  She was planning to get to St. John the next day, which is past Dawson Creek where we were headed.  I sure hope she made it fine.  Marissa, drop me a comment or email if you’re reading this and let me know you’re ok!

I went to bed with the space heater plugged in and ready for the morning.  It was still raining intermittently and in the 30’s.  I had no idea things were going to be much, much worse the next day..

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