Day Twenty Nine: Liard Hot Springs

Fort Nelson to Liard Hot Springs was not a long drive, but it was a pretty interesting one.  We saw all kinds of animals: black bears, a moose, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, and a whole bunch of bison.  Unfortunately, I discovered after two days that none of the pictures I took on my Canon were saved–due to my forgetting to put the stupid SD card back into it.  Devastating!  What I do have are pictures I took on my phone and a few I borrowed from my fellow travelers.  And, I’m checking that SD card constantly now.

All of the following are off my phone unless otherwise noted.

We stopped a few times for good scenery and stretches.
There is a river, kind of visible. It’s got a lot of rock flour and so appears milky.
This was an interesting stop. Jerry wanted some diesel and the store inside had thousands of hats nailed to the ceiling. Most signed by previous owners. It was cool, though Wendy thought they all looked dusty and dirty.
This lake was behind the fueling store. Very pretty, with some swans swimming on it.
From Steve S: mountain goats on the road.
From Steve S: baby goat. They were very playful, headbutting and messing around.
From Steve S: This young moose was at a salt barn, licking away.

We stopped at an absolutely gorgeous place called Muncho Lake.  You could walk right to the water’s edge.  It wasn’t too cold.  The water was a beautiful teal, though my phone perhaps didn’t do it justice.  I’m sure my Canon pics would have been great.  Sigh.

Muncho Lake pano. It was so quiet and peaceful there. Unbelievable place.
With only occasional traffic on the highway, it was such a magical place. And the water was crystal clear.

We were due to spend just the night at Liard and then drive to Watson Lake.  We had to be at Watson Lake by 1:30 and were meeting to walk to the Signpost Forest to hang our signs up.  That meant mine had to be finished.  Which it definitely wasn’t.  So, my plan was to work on the sign first thing after setting up and then go soak in the hot springs.

That. Did. Not. Happen.

We got to Liard, I was put into my spot and decided not to unhitch.  There was no store or gas service–or cell service–so why unhitch?  With some difficulty due to the unevenness of the site, I finally was set up.  And as I happened to be walking around the rig, I discovered this:

Back window of RV. Shattered.

See the missing glass along the bottom?  Yes, it’s very dirty.  But also shattered.

So much for the hot springs.  I spent the rest of the evening taping the window up (though I mostly stood there while a bunch of the guys walked over, marveled at it, wondered how it happened–I have no idea–and helped me clean the window and tape it).  The best we can figure is that I got a rock thrown backwards from a passing semi.  There is a lot more road issues that we’re dealing with now.  Gravel, construction, etc. and the big rigs just don’t care if they’re throwing rocks.  They go fast and I’ve learned to pull to the right and nearly stop if they are going really fast.  Those rocks sound awful hitting Rory.

All taped up.

Finally, I worked hard doing a bunch of coats of polyurethane on my sign after I finished putting a message on with sharpies:

I think it turned out well!

As for the campground, it was an interesting place.  Bison freely wandered around, without a care that we were there.

From Steve S: howdy neighbor!
From Steve S.: yummy grass.

2 Replies to “Day Twenty Nine: Liard Hot Springs”

  1. Still here following you😊 Your amazing, so much fun to look forward as you go. Girls are looking forward to talking with you when you get back! Take Care Be Safe❤️


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