Day Twenty Two: Speechless

Our day was spent together on a bus tour.  We started at 8:15 am and ended well past 6pm.  It was absolutely mind blowing.  I just don’t have the vocabulary to describe what I saw.  So, I won’t even try.

First stop: Emerald Lake. The lakes in this area of Canada are blue-green to teal due to minerals in the water from the glaciers grinding down the rocks. This pic was shot on my phone.
You can rent canoes at all the major lakes. Emerald lake was not very crowded, which was not the case with some of the other sites.
Tracker was here, too!
Is this not just breathtaking?
Perhaps my favorite of Emerald Lake, due to the reflection.
View from the parking lot at Emerald Lake.
Our next stop was Natural Bridge. Here the water basically carved an opening into the rock. It was sure coming out at a forceful rate.
The scenery was equally impressive.
Colors of the rock along the cliff face at Natural Bridge.
Downstream. And my camera is not crazy. The rivers here are all white looking. The glaciers action against the rock grinds it into “rock flour” which is suspended in the water. It makes rushing water look milky. In the lakes, which are mostly stationary, the rock flour settles and the mineral content gives them the teal appearance.
I love this pic of the river.
We ate lunch at the Lake Louise ski resort. This is the view from the parking lot.
Also from the parking lot.
Lake Louise. I could not accurately capture the color of the lake, as it changed with the clouds and the sun. The far mountain contains the Victoria Glacier.
Lake Louise.  Named after my amazing Aunt Louise?  Sadly, not.
Closer view of the Victoria glacier.
Better representation of the lake color. I would have enjoyed this lake a lot more if there had been about 1,000 fewer people there. It was so crowded. And I had a very unfortunate experience walking into the public restroom that I will not subject you to. But, it can’t help but bias my view of this otherwise wonderful lake.
Moraine Lake pano from my phone.
Moraine Lake. It was my favorite of the three.
The colors, the mountains, the glacier. It was incredible.


This huge rock pile (glacier leftover) was climbable. Can you spot two people in blue shirts at the very top?
It’s Harry and Linda! They are supposed to be our tailgunners, but were pressed into being Wagon masters when Mo and Sally’s motorhome broke down in Coeur d’Alene and they couldn’t come with us.

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  1. Have seen lots of pics of Rory but can’t recall seeing any of Tracker’s rig. How is the little guy getting around? He seems pretty happy and relaxed in his pics.


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