Day Thirty Three: Completely Amazing

Today was one of those days which made my decision to do my trip through an RV tour company seem brilliant.  While I appreciate the fact that I’m not traveling alone and I’ve made some great friends, the activities we get to do have all been just great.  On this particular day, there is zero chance I would have gone to the place on my own; every single person on the tour said the same thing.  But it was just an amazing experience and we all loved every minute of it. Continue reading “Day Thirty Three: Completely Amazing”

Day Thirty Two: Whitehorse, Yukon’s Capital

Our first full day in Whitehorse started with a tour bus trip around the city.  The campground is south of the city; on the way there, a turnoff to Miles Canyon is marked.  We stopped at a viewpoint overlooking the canyon prior to heading downtown.  When the first stampeders came up from their long journey towards the gold fields, they had to cross the Yukon river.  Miles Canyon was a real challenge, with cliffs that narrow significantly and speed the flow of the river, lots of boiling rapids, etc.  It has been tamed to some degree, with a dam that generates , most of the electricity for the province.  It’s still an impressive sight, though.  I wouldn’t want to fall in, that’s for sure. Continue reading “Day Thirty Two: Whitehorse, Yukon’s Capital”