Day Nine: Return to the Inland Northwest

I woke up around 5, but couldn’t run the generator until 7am.  I was too excited to get going on the final leg, and a little nervous too.  This final portion of the initial trip involved going over the Continental Divide and several mountain passes, with much longer and steeper grades than I’d driven so far.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous; driving in a car is one thing, but with about 12,000 pounds pushing behind you, downhills can be scary. Continue reading “Day Nine: Return to the Inland Northwest”


Days to the Wolves according to my current favorite band, Nightwish.  Seven days to the poison.  Or at least according to my mom.  Like all mothers, she worries.  It’s a long trip; I will be traveling alone at the beginning and the end.  Personally, I’m more nervous about coming down mountains, as I’ve never done that towing.  But I have faith in Rory. Continue reading “Seven”