Day Fifty One: Revisiting the Turnagain Arm

Monday, July 15 was a free day in Anchorage. The Bulls were off doing something–don’t remember what at this point. Some of the group went to a local museum, but I was told that it wasn’t all that interesting. Instead, I decided to head down to the Turnagain Arm once more to see if I could catch a bore tide. If you remember a few posts ago, this area has the largest tides in North America after the Bay of Fundy. I was also hoping that the haze from the wildfire would have improved, as the wind had picked up and was blowing to the south, away from us.

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Day Fifty: Homer to Anchorage

Moving day.  We were heading to Anchorage, which meant driving back up the same route we’d come down.  Fire haze, smoky smell and overcast skies.  We were one of the last rigs to head out from Homer.  I took this picture after several had already left.  I knew I’d miss this park and the views quite a lot.

Sayanora, Homer.

Our destination was an RV park in Anchorage called the Golden Nugget RV park. Amanda, Jeff, and Jackie had already arrived in Wasilla, which is a northern suburb of Anchorage. The drive north from Homer was hazy, but uneventful. I did stop briefly at the Fred Meyer in Soldotna. Grabbed some lunch stuff and drinks. We basically retraced the route down to back to the junction that either goes south to Seward or north to Anchorage. Back around the Turnagain Arm and finally got close to Anchorage.

While there are no true interstates in Alaska–obviously–the roads approaching Anchorage widen out and there can be quite a bit of traffic. It is a very easy town to navigate, and I really didn’t have any trouble finding my way to the park.

I will say that the Golden Nugget was a tight squeeze for many. I suppose any urban location for an RV park is going to be a bit tight. The Bulls surprised me by showing up as I was being directed into my site. I did the basics to unhook, then jumped in their rental SUV and we headed off to dinner. Now, this was a Sunday evening and not a ton was open. We ended up eating at a Qdoba off the Seward Highway. That was it for day Fifty. The Bulls headed back to Wasilla and I went to bed. We were staying in Anchorage for one more night, and I was planning to take advantage of the day and go down to the Turnagain Arm area to see if I could get some good pictures. It’s really quite a neat area. So, just the one pic above for Day Fifty, but I should make up for that with the next update.

And, just as a preview, our next stop after Anchorage is Denali!!!!